Why Use A Real Estate Agent

Why Use A Real Estate Agent

by jay mecray (480) 868-3814

JAY MECRAY (480) 868-3814

Jay Mecray is a licensed real estate agent and Local Expert who assists buyers and sellers in the transaction of real property. A good real estate agent will help buyers in many ways which most people don’t even realize such as:

  • Jay specializes in both your ‘price range’ and ‘neighborhood’. He previews likely properties on your behalf, saving you time and money
  • Jay possesses expert negotiating skills and over a decade of real estate experience, helping you stay focused and calm
  • Jay knows all the required paperwork (which is extensive!) and the process so well that he will keep your purchase ‘on track’ and make sure you close escrow on time

Note that there is a difference between a buyer’s agent and the agent who lists the home you buy. It’s important to know who an agent represents, and this distinction is very important. Jay will represent you as a ‘Fiduciary Agent‘ and look out for only Your Best Interests!

Why Use A Real Estate Agent

Jay is not only a Licensed Real Estate Agent, he is also A REALTOR® which is an agent who is also a Registered Member of the National Association of REALTORS, or NAR. The association has a detailed ‘code of ethics‘ that its members are required to uphold, which requires continuing education courses and testing of ‘code of ethics‘ knowledge and understanding.

Why Use A Real Estate Agent

Buying a house is a very exciting event in one’s life; and, it’s easy to get caught up in the process. Before you know it, a ‘Sunday Drive’ can often turn into an open house visit, and a chat with a friendly agent can easily turn into a serious conversation. Unfortunately, the next thing you know, you are locked in to someone you don’t even know most likely is not representing your best interests.

That is not a smart way to find an agent, or buy a house, and often leads to one being misrepresented, or worse, stuck in a legal situation because the agent was inexperienced or simply didn’t have one’s best interests in mind. Unfortunately this happens more often than you would expect. Jay will (acting as your REALTOR® and Fiduciary Agent!) work 24/7 on your behalf and always with your best interests in mind.R

Jay has extensive Local Phoenix area real estate experience, based on his ‘Local’ experience, ‘Great Yelp Reviews‘, Personal Testimonials, and a background check which was performed and can be verified by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Do this before your mind gets clouded by Open Houses & Seemingly Friendly but Unknown Agents. Call Jay now to get started on a Safe, Secure & Easy home buying experience. Jay is Why Use A Real Estate Agent is so important, especially with all the new rules and regulations (and extensive legal paperwork) that are currently in place with each transaction. Jay will make this process Smooth and Stress Free for you! Call anytime, Jay is always available.

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You can speak with Jay Mecray yourself today: (480) 868–3814

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Why Use A Real Estate Agent

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