Why Should I buy a Home in Chandler AZ?

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Why Should I buy a Home in Chandler AZ?

by jay mecray (480) 868-3814

Why Should I buy a Home in Chandler AZ?

Quality of Life in Chandler AZ above national average

The City of Chandler was planned out very meticulously when it was first designed back several decades now.  The idea for Chandler Arizona was to provide safe, clean areas for families to grow and learn, without denying the breadwinners easy access to Employment in Chandler AZ.

In fact, the majority of Homeowners in Chandler AZ are married couples who are college educated at least, and ‘more often than not’ with dual-incomes.  The City of Chandler has free parks, pools, fields, and many types of courts scattered throughout each Chandler AZ neighborhood that cover more than 1,500 acres in total!  

One of the most popular things to do in Chandler are the youth sports leagues that are provided both by the City of Chandler and through private clubs.

Most of the homes in Chandler Arizona are priced quite reasonably compared to other major city home prices, giving families a lot of ‘bang for their buck’.  However, Chandler AZ home values are increasing at an above average rate each quarter (a good thing, but have Jay find you a  home in Chandler fast to get in before it gets unaffordable)!  Chandler, similar to its Northern sister city of Scottsdale AZ, Chandler is also riddled with luxury neighborhoods with multi-million dollar condos and amenities alike!

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