One More Great Reason to Buy a Home in Chandler AZ (480) 868-3814

One More Great Reason to Buy a Home in Chandler AZ

by jay mecray (480) 868-3814

One More Great Reason to Buy a Home in Chandler AZ

Chandler residents have yet one more great entertainment option – Opening today: Flix Brewhouse in Downtown Chandler Arizona.

Flix Brewhouse, the Texas-based brewery/cinema concept, makes its Arizona debut today on the southwest corner of Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard in downtown Chandler.

The 35,000 square-foot Chandler AZ complex is the first business to open for Chandler AZ residents in the 77,000-square-foot retail, dining, and entertainment complex known as Overstreet in Downtown Chandler Arizona designed for Chandler homeowners and residents alike.

Although many Valley theaters now offer dine-in food, Flix is the only one with a full-scale brewpub – a restaurant with a 55-foot bar, a brewing system, and a patio all for Chandler homeowners and residents.

The food menu focuses on regional salads and wraps ($11.95-$12.95), artisanal 10-inch pizzas ($11.95-$12.95), burgers and sandwiches ($11.95-$13.50), and a few entrees ($11.50-$12.95). See the full Chandler AZ menu here.

The 48 taps will pour Flix’s six “core” beers – a golden ale, a wheat beer, a Scottish ale, an IPA, a hazy IPA, and a chocolate stout ($5-$5.50) – as well as some Chandler-specific Flix beers and other craft beers.

The nine state-of-the-art Downtown Chandler auditorium theaters have seats with movable table tops and call buttons to place food and drink orders.

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