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Chandler Arizona Investment Properties For Sale

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Chandler Arizona Investment Properties For Sale

Are you seeking to diversify your portfolio by investing in Chandler, AZ homes for sale?  Do you want to increase your cash-flow by investing in some Chandler homes for rent?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  At Jay knows the Chandler real estate market inside and out; in fact, Jay lives in Chandler and invests his money here in Chandler AZ in, home sales and foreclosures, and even Chandler AZ short sales.

Investing in Chandler real estate is a “very” smart move; since 2012, home prices in Chandler Arizona have been increasing at a much faster rate than the rest of the nation…about 30% over the last year alone, wow! Savvy investors know when the time is right to jump in and get a great deal and that time; again, is now for the smart investor!

Current Chandler Arizona Real Estate Trends
Investment trends in Chandler are through the roof now, it’s impossible to ignore the influence that Offshore investors are having on our market.  With the Canadian dollar conversion rate holding strong, more and more Canadians and other Offshore investors are heading south to warmer climates…especially, Chandler AZ and the surrounding market area.

In fact, about 8% of Chandler homes for sale are being sold to foreign buyers, mostly Canadian. It’s not hard to realize the popularity; many Canadian buyers are seeking a break from their “long”, “cold” winters in the sunny, pleasant climate of the Sonoran Desert. This means that the majority of Canadians are purchasing Chandler homes for use as a second or vacation home.

Other Canadian buyers; however, are seeking to purchase Chandler homes for rent to use as investment properties and to increase their “cash flow”… a “smart move”, given the strength of the Chandler and Phoenix rental markets.

Chandler Arizona Investment Properties For Sale: It’s Getting Hot in Chandler AZ!
All of this activity means that the Chandler real estate market is heating up! In fact, we’re seeing many of the homes for sale in Chandler AZ receiving multiple offers in the first week of an investment!

Cash sales are becoming increasingly common, as well. Over the past year, we’ve seen all-cash offers make up as much as 40% of all home sales.  “Homes are moving fast!”

And given the popularity of shows like “Property Wars,” it’s easy to see why the market is booming today. This hit “reality” show follows teams of real estate investors as they seek out houses to buy in Chandler and the East Valley; while the show does not reflect the on-ground reality of investing in real estate, it’s an entertaining look at the sizzling “HOT” local market conditions.

A Strong Demand for Rental Homes in Chandler Arizona
The Chandler real estate market may be booming, but so is the local rental market…and that means good news for investors considering investing money in Chandler Arizona homes for sale. Low home prices…(when adjusted for inflation), home prices are as low as they’ve been since the Great Depression!…combined with staggeringly low interest rates means that “Right Now” is one of the best times in history to invest in Chandler real estate.

Jay say’s this isn’t likely to change in the near future for Chandler Arizona Investment Properties For Sale. Professional analytics predict that the rental market will keep going strong for at least the next three years, a situation that’s just about as close to “perfect” for all current and would-be real estate investors!

A large quantity of foreclosures on the market across Arizona, (one of every 17 homeowners received a foreclosure notice in 2010 and 2011 alone)…and the still-uncertain economy is keeping home buyers second-guessing, which means that the rental market continues to grow.

Plus, the “high” foreclosure rate means that there is a lot of former homeowners out there now renting homes…and, whether it’s based in reality or not, many of them feel that renting in an apartment complex represents a “step down” from home ownership. These renters are much more likely to choose a rental “home” as opposed to an apartment, keeping the demand for rental homes very strong.

Tips for Investing in Chandler Arizona Real Estate
With both home prices and mortgage rates at historic lows, now is a great time to invest in homes for sale in Chandler Arizona. The timing is right “Now”, and these tips can help you take “Full” advantage of the chance of a lifetime!

Just like when you’re purchasing your own personal home, it’s essential to consider location when buying investment property.  Chandler Arizona is the perfect area to invest. If you’re seeking to invest in Chandler homes for rent, Jay say’s “seek out homes that are close to schools, public transportation, shopping and other amenities”…”Look for houses in high-rent and populated areas”.  Jay knows these areas and will find you “Great” investment properties rather than just  average rental properties that only cover your mortgage at best.

Explore Your Options in Chandler Arizona
Jay will have you do your “due-diligence”and discover the type of investment property that’s best for your needs. After all, not all investments are the same; do you want a second or vacation home? Do you want to rent out the property to increase your long-term cash flow? Do you want to be a landlord or improve a property and then flip it?

Jay will guide you to explore your options and see what best fits your goals. Jay has access to extensive “off market” listings of Chandler AZ homes for sale…As well as Chandler AZ foreclosures and Chandler AZ short sales which will allow you to find the perfect investment properties for your needs.

Partner with a Professional Chandler Real Estate Agent when looking for Chandler Arizona Investment Properties For Sale
Whether you’re a first-time investor or have an extensive portfolio, it’s important to partner with a professional Realtor who can guide you to locate the best investment properties in the Chandler real estate market.  Buying a second home or a rental property is a major financial decision, and Jay Mecray is here to help make that a smooth, stress free process. offers extensive listings of homes for sale in Chandler AZ and Chandler homes for rent by Jay will allow you to fully explore your options and provide an accurate picture of current market conditions and return on investment.  Jay can even help with plans to relocate to Chandler AZ!  So give Jay a call today to discuss your investment plans!

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Chandler Arizona Investment Properties For Sale

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