9 Tips: Maximum Winter Comfort in Chandler AZ

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9 Tips: Maximum Winter Comfort in Chandler AZ

by jay mecray (480) 868-3814

9 Tips: Maximum Winter Comfort in Chandler AZ

By jay mecray

As fall departs and days are shorter, it’s tempting to just hide inside until spring. However, there is, indeed, joy to be found in the quieter, colder months of the year!

Perhaps it’s a little overdone to talk about soups, stews and fires, that translatable to warmth in the winter months.  So, we will focus on attributing our unseasonably sunny outlook to our home and self-care habits in Chandler AZ?

When it’s cold and rainy in Chandler (which, luckily for us, is not very often), you might feel the warm embrace of your favorite streaming service. Ahh, sweet, lovely binge-watching!  But if you’d like a more satisfying way to spend a chilly evening in Chandler, here are a few ideas to channel your wisdom and make an intentionally delightful day out of drab weather.

1. Set your Chandler serenity mood
Candles are key to a supremely comfortable home setting. Not only do candles provide beautiful, soft lighting, but they also provide warmth and scent to your Chandler living space.

Pro Tip: Choose seasonal scents to inspire celebration, or choose a summer scent, such as coconut or floral, to help combat the Chandler seasonal blues.

2. Bake something
Hot, Fresh cake is central to a cozy experience in Chandler AZ. But it doesn’t just begin when you eat the cake (or cookies or pie) — it begins when you “buy” your ingredients to bake with.

Go to your favorite market and choose the ingredients you desire carefully.  Mix them with great care, taking your time to enjoy the task. It’s just a bonus that your baking will flood your space with delicious smells that will excite the palate and get those taste buds salivating.

Pro Tip: Call a friend or family member in Chandler whose recipes deserve appreciation, and ask if they will show you how to work out their spectacular skills.  Baking together allows for a lovely Chandler afternoon, no matter the weather!

3. Add texture
Plush pillows, area rugs, throws and cushions make for a more cozy space.  Cover your surfaces in as many cozy fabrics and pillows as you can find and snuggle down.

Pro Tip: Faux is just as fashionable as the “real” thing.  Typically quite a bit less expensive, you can find many alternatives in Chandler, AZ.

4. Invite Chandler friends and family over
Do you tend to hide from your Chandler friends as soon as November starts?  Fight the sudden urge to retreat, and invite your nearest Chandler friends (or those you want to know better) over to share your comfy home.  Bonus: Ask them to bring a bottle of your favorite autumnal Chandler beverage!

Pro Tip: Low on cash but want to host a party?  Ask each friend to bring a Chandler specific ingredient for a dinner, and make it together.

5. Get out the board games
They tend to gather dust all year long, so make use of them now!  For the Chandler purest among us, a deck of cards is a highly versatile gaming object to keep around the Chandler AZ home.  No one to play with at the moment? Try your hand at any one of numerous solitaire games.

Pro Tip: Have long-distance friends and loved ones that don’t live in the Chandler, AZ area?  There are many game apps that you can play together online. Start up a game and maintain your connections outside of Chandler all winter long!

6. Perfect your hot Chandler drinking game
Hot buttered rum, hot cocoa, hot toddies, apple cider, mulled wine, pick your Chandler poison. Whatever it may be, find your own special recipe that is so delicious you can’t wait to show it off to friends and family that live around Chandler AZ. Then have those aforementioned friends over again & again through the Chandler winter months.

Pro Tip:  FYI, yes, you can put alcohol in most if not all of those drinks. But it’s usually a good idea to perfect a mocktail version first, for Chandler friends who don’t drink adult beverages.

7. Embrace sweater weather in Chandler AZ
If you don’t already have a favorite sweater, now is time to find one!  Your favorite should be something that makes you feel at home in Chandler when you slip it on.  Cashmere, wool, mohair, pretty much anything will do as long as it’s comfortable to you. Whatever you choose, pair it with thick cozy socks!

Pro Tip: Start a “Craft” circle, whatever your Chandler interest may be (sewing, knitting, etc.), and make your own favorite sweater over the course of the Chandler winter. It’s easier to get through lengthy projects when you’re sitting beside a friend or two (or more!), and it’s a great excuse to get together every week, no matter what the Chandler, AZ weather may be.

8. Curate your cold-outside playlist for Chandler
Make yourself a Chandler AZ mix of music that inspires you to do all the things which make you feel endeared to your home space. Put it on shuffle, relax, repeat, then repeat again & again!

Pro Tip: Instrumentals are Chandler classics for a reason, they work well as background for just about any occasion you can imagine.  However, when in doubt, most music services have prepared playlists for your to access, some of which you should be able to filter by type and genre.

9. Attend Chandler, AZ seasonal activities
Caramel apples?  Carving pumpkins?  Canning jams, leaf pile jumping, sledding, strolling through string-lit Chandler neighborhoods? Great!

Whatever your personal favorite seasonal activity may be, set dates to make sure they happen and feel the warmth of even the most grey Chandler weather wash over you.

Pro Tip: This is an amazing way to involve your kids in many seasonal celebrations. If you don’t have children of your own, hosting a “kid-friendly” party (such as pumpkin painting) is a wonderful way to connect with friends that have children . If cleaning up after the kids isn’t your thing, offer them a treat in exchange for their help cleaning your Chandler home.  Now that’s a Win Win! The most important thing to remember is to just ENJOY your Chandler, AZ home!

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